Knitting Wits

Monday, January 22, 2007

From Absurdly Huge to Laughingly Large

Here's the latest with the felted socks. Right now they are about a size 15. I washed them this morning and there is hope that I'll be able to wear them myself! I showed them to a friend of mine who called them "intense." Some serious substance.

The next washing blurred the stitches even more. I'llhave to stretch the ankles a bit to get my foot in. My 10yo size men's 12 footed son struggled wiht them. Honestly, I wasn't about to give these socks up to him.

Here's to hoping they work out!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Absurdly huge socks

Behold the bigger than your head socks! Cower with Fear!

Since making Graciela's Toe Up Sock, I have been hankering for some slippers of warm socks for me. So - - - -

I took Graciela's fabulous Toe Up Sock pattern, transferred it to my green KK loom. Both require 36 pegs, that's why. I used Paton's denim blue wool yard. I added 6 rows to the long tube part, thinking it would need the extra rows for adequate shrinkage during the felting. I also added an extra row of ribbing, again, to compensate for shrinkage.

I'll be washing them today and hoping they shrink A LOT! Otherwise, my girl friend with size 14 feet has scored herself a new pair of socks.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

On the dork front

I watched "Tap" starring Gregory Hines today with my tapping 6yo. Brought my knitting with me to the couch in hopes of backtacking some on my wool shawl and working in a new cable stitch pattern. No such luck *wah*. I dropped too many stitches and frogged the whole thing.

I'm sitting there trying to remember the pattern and write it out. I go blank. Luckily I too a picture of it so I may be able to remember what I was trying to accomplish.

Under the heading of "Because I Can":
I got two sweaters from freecyle this week. I am unraveling them to get some cotton yarn.

The one on the left doesn't have colors I would kill for, but I'll convince myself that the practice is good for me. The one of the right, though, I really like the colors. It is also the one with the cable pattern I want to re-create. Of course, that is the one I've already finished taking apart. (See? I told you dork alert.)

Here is the pattern. I'll have to enlarge it so I can see it better here. But I want to redo my shawl in this pattern. It looks like four cables with A and B switching twice, B and C twining four times and C and D switching twice. That also means the number and placement of purls changes.

Aw man, now I gotta think!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New pics

OK here we go for an upload extravaganza!

Sparky was cleaning up his room and found the other sock! These look so good, I think I'll try my own set.

Here's Sparky's blanket that I redid a while back. This one uses a double strand of Lion Brand Homespun in four colors in a one over one e-wrap. Actually 5, since I ran out of one of the colors, didn't have much more to do and snuck in a wee bit of the gothic purple. I'm so honest, though, I owned up to Sparky and he said that's ok. *whew*

I also took the time to measure the panels so that they are pretty much the same size.

Here's the Girl in half her poncho. I found the Paton's Cici yarn on sale at Michael's and grabbed some. The neon colors are great for her. Especially the pink. I am using the purple KK loom as a single rake. (The double rake stuff is escaping me. I'll have to ask in my groups what's what.) BUT! I am using a single strand mock crochet stitch. The CiCi has little tufts throughout the yarn, so that can be a challenge. But if I do it right, the tufts force me to keep my knitting really loose. Therfore, the mock crochet-ness is a little more visible.

I've just started the other flat panel. Another chance for me to measure so I can assure the panels are the same length. I haven't decided jsut how I'll sew them together. It'll depend on how big I need to make the hole for her head.

These are the front and back views of my wool shawl. I have
finally been able to make the cable stitch work. Paying attention and keeping the stitches loose are the keys. I have one edge row that is knit instead of purled. I just noticed it last night. It's about 10 rows down. Am I gonna frog it? NO! I'll claim it is the Turkish Flaw in this piece.

I am using Paton's all wool in a nice demin blue. Double strand. Knit and purl stitches. I bought 4 skeins at the time. But being me, the "Buy it in Bulk" girl, I also bought 4 skeins in white and another 4 in light blue. I think Sparky has tagged the white yarn for himself .

Gee with the pile of fabric I have waiting to be cut out and the socks for me, probably slippers, too, and a poncho for the girl and a shawl for Sparky, I have no real excuse to play Cubis any time soon.