Knitting Wits

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Winding up for the Sew-a-thon

I have almsot completed my pattern for the cable knit shawl. I need a final detail which is how many skiens this baby is gonna take.

I have two lengths of I-cord waiting to be transmorgrofied (it's my word, so I'll spell it as I please, I guess) into projects for Loom Class.

I am also working on clearing my sewing table so I can tackle some long-put-off projects. I went through my drawers of patterns and have a bag's worth of "I am never really going to make this" stuff. Some vintage, some dolls, some a couple of years old.
To give me that "oomph" I need, I made Kabloey's no-sew SeaHawks blanket. The fabric wasn't really on my table, but it was an easy enough project to do without having to unload the whole thing.
Now I'll work on mending and finishing up my shawl so I can let everyone know how much yarn they'll need.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Merry Easter Bunny

Here is a sample of each of the yarns I used to make Brenda from GA's Easter eggs. It gave me the much needed opportunity to use up yarn that I am less than crazy about, yarn that I am crazy about but didn't have enough to make a huge project and yarn that I loved but didn't want to make yet another hat for the Girl.

No, I didn't make notes on the types of yarn. The upper left was a nice purple with sparklies that varied in width. The black with rainbow varigation was quite slippery. The hot pink was the same yarn I used for the baby bonnet. The headache green is Sugar 'n' Cream cotton. The lavender was a dollar store purchase that was reallllllly thin. The Rainbow above it was nice to work with. The center egg was my least favorite yarn but was easiest to work with.

I tried to make an egg using the bumpy yarn I used on the Girl's poncho. Frogged that one as the bumpy yarn was impossible to gather.

Once I realized I could make an egg in less than twenty minutes, I went on a loom knitting rampage and knocked out over 30 of them. Yes, 30 eggs.

The Girl took a basket full to the Library Thursday. We caught the last story of StoryTime. We gave eggs to our favorite children's librarians. Then the Girl passed eggs out to strangers. I finished another egg to show a mom how easy it was and the Girls passed that one out too! All told, there were 13 eggs handed out at the Library.

A side note: one mom muttered about how they don't celebrate Easter. Then she saw me and became all smiles. Well, I don't celebrate Easter either. But I missed Ostara. Graciousness still counts, though.

I still have to take pics to add to my cable knit shawl pattern. And I have a couple of ideas for what to do with I-cords. Stay tuned.