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Monday, January 22, 2007

From Absurdly Huge to Laughingly Large

Here's the latest with the felted socks. Right now they are about a size 15. I washed them this morning and there is hope that I'll be able to wear them myself! I showed them to a friend of mine who called them "intense." Some serious substance.

The next washing blurred the stitches even more. I'llhave to stretch the ankles a bit to get my foot in. My 10yo size men's 12 footed son struggled wiht them. Honestly, I wasn't about to give these socks up to him.

Here's to hoping they work out!


Blogger Cheerleader Voted Out said...

So the socks are still too big for me. I gave them to my friend with the size 14 feet. I'll see her today to find out if she's tried them at all.

10:00 AM  

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