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Friday, February 15, 2008

A-felting we will go

I was sick yesterday. (I almost typed "in bed all day," and it being Valentine's and all, but that's not why I was in bed.....)

The Girl watched Redwall over and over again. I got to knit. I finished my mittens and they are felting right now. They knitted up close to size so maybe alpaca doesn't shrink as much as wool does.

I am also felting 4 wool bowls. I think I have a loom knitting pattern for them too. Pretty wasy, though. The felting would be the new territory covered in the pattern.

Maybe I'll get a new camera with the tax refund. Or I could post a wanted on Freecycle.

I also frogged the pair of socks I had started. I cabled the wrong way on the first repeat and decided I didn't like it. I also don't like the way my leg decreases went. So, I'll redo it all.

I am about halfway done on Katybug's prayer shawl. It's gonna be big. I hope she like blue....


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