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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Loom Class project #2

Offending verbal image alert! But I'll save it til the end.

A French Market Bag. Using 4-ply cotton yarn. Learned the exceptionally cool I-cord and simulated mesh stitch AND the most useful stretch across the loom flat bottom technique. I frogged (rip-it! rip-it!) this one once when I was using a single strand. I thought I had done something wrong because it was so long. So I restarted it with a double strand. Then I washed and dried it hoping it would shrink up. Turns out the pattern was long. Next time I do this pattern, I'll not knit so many rows.
Leave now if you are easily offended. I'll give you a minute to decide.

OK? Only stout-hearted folk left?

I don't know whether to name this one saggy boob or limp dick.

Loom class project #1

Eye glass case in Red Heart red. Darling Daughter took the case. So I don't have it to post. When I find it I will. I did learn several stiches and not to whip stitch so tight.

Past Projects - part 3

A nine patch blanket for my 3yo girl. Some sort of fluffy baby yarn. Probably a one over two stitch. I knitted until I ran out of the skein. Taught me to measure my squares before stitching them together. But the girl loves it.

6yo in rainbow brimmed hat made with inexpensive 4-ply yarn. Used a double strand, one over two stitch. He loves it. Made a waffle stitch tube scarf for him too. (I'm still learning this stuff, so, yes, some of my choices are a bit goofy.)A friend of mine like it so much, she "ordered" one for her daughter. I think the mom liked it more than her daughter did.

My 10yo's "Gryffindor" blanket. Red Heart Burgundy and Sunflower yarn. Double strand. One over two stitch. HEAVY! I am using my newly acquired measure before stitching together skill. DH suggested I use the long stripe horizontal pattern. That way I can add as my little giant grows. I hope I can keep up with him!

Past projects - part 2

I made a lot of projects using the Lion Brand Homespun. I like the softness and ready bulk. I made a blanket for my 6yo. Don't have a picture of it yet. I used a one over one stitch on it. Very open weave and in the hands of a 6yo, even opener. Will add picture when I get one.

12/24/06 - update. The blanket had to be redone. It stretched too much. I need to get a pic of the new version now.

Past projects - part 1

Started Loom Knitting before Xmas 2005. I blem my friend Amy for it. She had been loom knitting for months prior and I watched her, fascinated. So before I went on teh bi-annual trek to the Lone Star State, I picked up a set of Knifty Knitters on sale. Here is some of what I've been able to accomplish:
Cap and scarf from Gothic Lion Brand Homespun using a mock crochet stitch. I mad ethe scarf first intending it to be a hat in a scarf, but it wasn't wide enough to cover my big ol' haid. So I am happy with the resulting hugely long scarf that wraps several times around my neck. A lot like any Bob Cratchit you may see in any Scrooge movie. The hat is brimless. I strung a mess of purple paillettes on the yarn and placed them regularly throughout. It may be a wee but too long, but adds to the "flapper look."