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Saturday, January 13, 2007

On the dork front

I watched "Tap" starring Gregory Hines today with my tapping 6yo. Brought my knitting with me to the couch in hopes of backtacking some on my wool shawl and working in a new cable stitch pattern. No such luck *wah*. I dropped too many stitches and frogged the whole thing.

I'm sitting there trying to remember the pattern and write it out. I go blank. Luckily I too a picture of it so I may be able to remember what I was trying to accomplish.

Under the heading of "Because I Can":
I got two sweaters from freecyle this week. I am unraveling them to get some cotton yarn.

The one on the left doesn't have colors I would kill for, but I'll convince myself that the practice is good for me. The one of the right, though, I really like the colors. It is also the one with the cable pattern I want to re-create. Of course, that is the one I've already finished taking apart. (See? I told you dork alert.)

Here is the pattern. I'll have to enlarge it so I can see it better here. But I want to redo my shawl in this pattern. It looks like four cables with A and B switching twice, B and C twining four times and C and D switching twice. That also means the number and placement of purls changes.

Aw man, now I gotta think!


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