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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Absurdly huge socks

Behold the bigger than your head socks! Cower with Fear!

Since making Graciela's Toe Up Sock, I have been hankering for some slippers of warm socks for me. So - - - -

I took Graciela's fabulous Toe Up Sock pattern, transferred it to my green KK loom. Both require 36 pegs, that's why. I used Paton's denim blue wool yard. I added 6 rows to the long tube part, thinking it would need the extra rows for adequate shrinkage during the felting. I also added an extra row of ribbing, again, to compensate for shrinkage.

I'll be washing them today and hoping they shrink A LOT! Otherwise, my girl friend with size 14 feet has scored herself a new pair of socks.


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