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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My shawl

Yes, I am quite happy with the shawl. So happy, I am sending this one off to my exSIL.

I am now working on teh "throw-on sweater." I am happy with that too. And my sister will get it for xmas. I will need to make a larger one for me. I think I'll even make a shawl for me too. But first I need to learn the sock pattern.

I have quite a stack of fabric on hand to cut and sew. A friend just had her baby girl, and I offered to make her oldest girl a costume as a "big sister gift."

So boredom is not allowed here for quite awhile.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Now what?

So with three capes left to sew, I have picked up my knitting again. I finished Sparky's blanket.

I had made one using Lion Brand Homspun (I *really* like that yarn), using a single strand one over one stitch. It came out fine, then the squids got a hold of it and it stretched too much for my happiness. So I recycled the yarn and made a new one. Double strands this time and better measuring for evenness. The bulk is cozier and it looks like it won't stretch near as much. But then I have underestimated my squids before....

I got a wild hair to make reading shawls. Those ones with the ends turned up to make pockets. I thought I could make some for my two sisters, my exSIL and maybe some simple scarves for my nieces. But of course, I have to make one for meself first. Gotta work out the kinks before I do real work.

Well, I want to try cable stitches on my yellow KK, but for now, it is not working out. I have asked Graciela from LoomClass to clarify what I need to do to get it right.

I bought this great wool yarn in shades of blue and cream (Paton, brand, I think). At first I was going to make a felting project, but I like this yarn so much, I want a shawl out of it. So I'll wait for my answer and then we'll go from there.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Embellishments to Hats

Pam Kelville, owner of the LoomClass yahoo group is fabulous. She is working to open up room on the group's files. So I am posting the Embellishments class I developed here. BTW, thank you Pam for working so hard on the group.

So you’ve made hats, scarves, placemats, a sweater or two. You know the difference between knit and purl, stockingette and garter. You have amassed a stash of yard beyond your spouse’s comprehension: eyelash, bouclé, homespun, acrylic, wool, pebble, sports weight, baby soft.

Or maybe not. Maybe you’ve just started and are lucky to use the knitting tool without puncturing your finger or eye. Maybe your skill level is rank beginner and you want something easy to do that still looks fun. Maybe you’re advanced enough to be able to knit the Statue of Liberty but want to add something “je ne sais quois” to it.

Embelllishments! They’re easy. Adding beads, paillettes or using different combinations of yarn can add pizzazz to your projects. Brighten them up from ho-hum to wow!

What you’ll need:
A project – for the sake of this class, let’s make a hat.
Yarn – Any type of thin yarn will do. This is a great opportunity to use that blasé stuff you bought on clearance.
Pony beads – those larger sized plastic beads you can buy by the bag at craft stores
Paillettes - flat sequin like bits. The ones I saw at my friendly neighborhood craft store had holes that were too small. There are many online outlets for purchasing those.
Crazy yarn - I’ve seen some that looked more like ribbon
Jingle Bells
Letter beads
Whatever strikes your fancy
Yarn needle
Knifty Knitter Loom for hat size
Knitting tool

1. Decide what size hat you want to make. My daughter had a “bead” on this one. So I’ll be using the green KK. (I am using a thin yarn with no stretch, so I have to go a KK larger than normal.) I recommend you use the fold-under brim style so that your bead embellishments are not rubbing on your head.

2. Before you start casting on, string your beads/paillettes to your yarn (yes, it is as simple as that). If you are string your beads on the end of your yarn that will be the start of your project, string them on in reverse order. If you string them on the end of your yarn, then go in the order you’ll use the beads. Remember, some beads have an alignment to consider. Fish go sideways, or stars have a top. Keep this in mind when choosing different shaped beads.

3. Cast on your favorite way. For a folded brim, I usually e-wrap two rows on.

4. Knit in the round for several rows without placing beads. This is the fold under part.
5. When you get to the point where you would have the actual fold, knit off a 2 – 3 more rows. Then start adding your beads between the pegs. If you have a specific image or pattern you want to make, graph it out in paper first. If you want random placement, then place beads where you please.

6. When you reach double the length you want for you brim, loop the bottom row onto your current row, knit off.

7. As you wrap the remaining rows, continue placing beads where your plan or whim decides. I found when I did an every five peg beaded hat, I got a cool spiral design. My paillette hat, using the mock crochet stitch was all in columns. It’s up to you.

8. To finish, gather and tie off per KK instructions.

9. Other embellishments:

a. Use letter beads to spell out your name.
b. Thread a jingle bell on your gathering/tie off yarn for a topper.
c. Combine a yarn with a ribbon yarn for interesting contrast.
d. Add beads or charms to the halfway point of your brim for a fringe effect.
e. Make I-cords and add beads as you go to make a necklace, bracelet or anklet.
f. Make I-cords with beads, loop them up to make flowers to add to purses, shawls, hats.
g. On a finished hat, make a long tassel to tie off the top of a hat as a “ponytail.”
h. Tie pieces of ribbon yarn randomly on your hat for a “flyaway look.”
i. Sew buttons randomly on your hat. (Buttons are another buy by the bag thing from craft stores.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pics and updated tally

As you can see, I was able to post several pics today. Yippeee! That leaves three capes from this initial cutting session to assemble. I think Kabloey has said he didn't want a cape since he got his cool traveling cloak for Halloween. The capes are so easy to put together, I'll assembly line the project and have an extra on hand for "just in case."

Where does that leave the sewing fiend total?Two broomsticks skirtsOne red and white Girl skirt
Two Girl dresses
Two red and white shirts
Two firelick shorts
Two firelick pants
One stripedy pants
One stripedy shorts
Two more Girl dresses
Two Halloween cloaks
One pink puppy costume (only counts as half since the pants and jacket were store bought)
Two button front shirts
One slip on shirt
Four pairs of African pants
One fire lick jacket (netting. So it's for display more than useful)

I think that's it.

I already have planned a collared and a "gambler" style vest for Himself, a pink penguin robe and a couple more dresses (like she needs them) for Girl, a tulle skirt and accessories for Bina.Once I finish the capes, I'll go through my fabric stash to sort and plan some more.

Now if I could just get as fired up about making applesauce.