Knitting Wits

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here's one from the archives.

I found this picture of The Girl wearing one of my favorites: the blue sparkly ponytail hat. So on lists on which someone asks for a ponytail hat, they mean one through which you can string your own hair. But this one is, to me, my choice.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Am I a freak? I have been designing dishcloths a lot. I have 8 designs, three of them actually test knitted. Then there are the 2 dishcloths that work a particular stitch. And I am conniving with Library Knitter to translate needle stitches into loom stitches.

The pictures I have for now are:

Sitting Goddess. I have adjusted the pattern to make a shorter cloth (fewer frame, head and bowl lines). I love this Sugar and Cream yarn. It has dots of color along the yarn.
The yarn over, knit 2 together shows up all right here. You can see where I dozed off in the pattern and the columns "sway." But the variegated yarn doesn't confuse the design.

Here's a case of the right yarn with a fun design. Finally! Sugar and Cream pink with a heart design. The design is symmetrical so I could use my stitch markers to mark every 10th stitch to help me keep track of where I was.

Where did this come from? Oh yeah, 4yo daughter stuffed this into her suitcase while we were camping and I just found it. Done with, yes, Sugar and Cream yarn on the ProvoCraft Straw Knitter. It worked up quickly and I only had to restart twice!

I have a bag of glass beads that I have been working on stringing for Isela's cool I-cord bracelet. but the beading goddesses seem to be testing my patience and commitment to the project. I have not strung enough beads, then as I restrung them, I cut through my elastic thread. *heavy sign* So, I'll keep working on that and will let you know.

For now I am working on an instant gratification sort of dishcloth that can be found at The loom knitting is not turning out as fine a k2tog as needles would. But I've only done 12 rows. We'll see.

Thanks to Library Kathy for helping me figure out needle stitches and then translating them to the loom.