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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It helps to have frends in the library

Wednesday night knitting group unreaveled early tonight. The coffee shop we descended upon claosed at 7! After my bad day with the kids (you can go to my LiveJournal entry for that part), I didn't want to go home. I headed over to Border's bought clearance stuff and knitted.

At least the knitting group was impressed with the felted bag. And a friend of mine in Texas wants one too!

I did frog what I had of my peacock multi sock. I was trying to be cute on leg decreases and they looked horrible. Then there were the odd added/dropped stitches. Even I couldn't blow them off. This new edtion is much better.

My knitting friends work at the library. They are wonderful. They brought me two of Cat Bordhi's books. I am jazzed about her Moebius technique. My wedding band is a Moebius strip. ooooOOOOOooooo. So I want to make a hat and maybe some baskets or mukluks with that.

I just want to sit in the tub and knit.


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