Knitting Wits

Thursday, December 28, 2006

We have a pair!

I finished Sparky's other sock. No pic of the set because Sparky took the first sock and now we can't find it. *sigh*

I'm now working on a wool cable knit shawl. I actually sat down and diagramed what I was seeing. (That's a first.)

I also had an idea for a cable knit scarf, but not in a typical way. I'm thinking to not use the standard purl and knit combination. I want to make it all knit overs, with the cable switches happening through out, maybe in a diagonal configuration.

I'll play with it after this shawl.

OK, let's take New Year's Resolutions:

Become adept at the knitting board (my FABULOUS DH gave me the KK oval looms for Christmas)

Develop my own designs for 2 projects. The Floating Cable Knit Scarf is one. Let's see what else I want to have.....

Thanks again LoomClass.

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Sock

Graciela's sock pattern using cotton yarn. I really like it. And it fits my 6yo! So I am eager to start the next one. If I'm a good girl, the socks will match!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Knit Kitty and glasses case

I feel so accomplished these days.

The knit kitty is a triple strand thing. THe yarn was sooooo thin. Two strands of a lavendar cum magenta chenille and a multi color blend with a white cotton mesh around it. It's very soft but the mesh-covered yarn liked to get in the way of my needle as I was sewing the pieces together.

Of course, my DD LOVED it! I think she loves anything she receives. Which can be nice.

Next time, I'll not stuff the tail so much. There's a couple of gaps waiting for inquisitive fingers to make bigger. Definitely use different yarn.

Overall I love the pattern and the alternate animals other loomers have made. I am sure my 6yo would love a snake. With the looms I have, it would be pretty big!

Next on the agenda is newly added. My DH called this morning to ask for a matching scarf for his dad's dog sweater. I'll do that one as simply and speedily as possible.

I have marked my sock loom as the pattern recommends. So I am one step closer to starting my sock.

OK, I found my first LoomClass project. By the washer ?????

Anyway, this is the first project. It used the garter stitch and side seaming. Yeah, the ends are too tight as is the side seam, but the garter stitch rocks.

A note to readers: Yes, I point out what I do not like about my projects. Still being new to it, I want to note what I can do to improve the next one. And seeing as this serves as my notebook, this is where the notes go.

Please don't think I am always this poopy about my work. I am not. But this is a learning experience for me.

And as previously noted, the next project is a scarf for my FIL. No, it will not be simple and speedy. Go figure.

I decided to use Graciela's cable stitch method. It it looks good! (See, I told you I wasn't always poopy about my work....)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pup-sicle sweater

Here's the dog sweater. Sorry for the poor lighting. The pattern was great! I got it on the first try! And the second....

I used Red Heart Saver in royal and silver (more of a dark grey) because my FIL has a kick dog (this spoken by someone who has only owned dogs over 50 pounds, so we are the kick owners....). My FIL's favorite football team to sweat at is the Dallas Cowboys.

I made the first one in about 3 hours. My DH showed me this toy dog my DD has and says the real dog is about that size. My first sweater was the directed 9 inches long. The real dog is 9 inches long. The sweater was too big!

So I frogged it and remade it, recycling the yarn for the most part. The section that needed other yarn, I used fresh from the skein. The other unrecycled yarn, I'll use in other projects calling for waste yarn.

As far behind as I am in the projects, I have made three Christmas gifts, thanks to this class (2 framed shawls and the dog sweater). I'm now working on the Knit Kitty as a stocking stuffer for my DD.

Thanks again, Loom Class!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Throw on Sweater

This is my first throw on sweater. Baroque Homespun. Double Strand. I didn't do the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater body because I didn't consolidate all the notes from the list. Next time, I'll do the bottom edge ribbing.

I am not sure about the collar. More than likely it was operator error. I think the next time I'll make teh collar wider.

Since this pattern was for a 12 - 14, my next sweater will be larger. It'll be warm enough, to be sure.

I like the thought of making a sweater on a loom. I had the idea to make panels and dew them together. The ribbing, folding over the front edge and the collar are inspired from this newbie's POV. I will be refinging my techniques on this project.

Thank you, LoomClass.