Knitting Wits

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New dishcloth

So maybe I do have too much time on my hands right now.

But I did get my brain, camera and dishcloth in the same place. We tried a seed stitch on the eyes and nose to make them "pop" out. I dunno. And it looks like there are earpieces pon the ends. So I knitted when I shoulda purled. Don't make fun of my bespectacled Jack.

So now I am working on the next surprise dishcloth. It'll be simple. Then I'll work on the one with interesting variations. Then I wanna do a tiki head!

Dishcloth and picks

I found a picture of a circular dishcloth which had been knitted with *needles* (remember that mocking tone, now). So I wrote up a pattern for my own. I like the pattern. Next time, though, I'll cast on 19 sts.

The original used 16. It was too small. When conferring with Knitting Kathy and Kim, they showed me examples of a circular doily done *on needles* with 31 sts cast on. When I did it on the loom, it would have made a dishcloth about 16 inches across. Just a wee bit big. So I played with, casting 21, then 17. This is the 17 sts version and is a little smaller than I would like. So, as I said, next tme, I'll CO 19.

Here is our foray into the Land of Fimo. It's a slightly oily place, but when baked, it's better than I thought. The four long things on teh left are our replacement loom pick handles. Sparky and the Girl contributed their talents to #1 and #3. I did the twisty ones. The fourth one used a short pick and didn't have enough pick to hold on to.

So, I'll use these and when I am able to wrestle the purple plastic handles off my other picks, I'll go for it again. I also made the bracelets. (Why do I wonder that the Girl wants them? Oh yeah, jewelry!) Then long white thing is Sparky's sled. It has already broken and been repaired. The second long thing in the lower right is -- uh, I don't what it is. The Girl made it. It hasn't been broken, nor has it been used for any crime or shoe putting on.

The Girl also made christmas ornaments with the remaining clay. They will probably topple our puny fiber optic tree over as they are made by a 4yo whose perception of proportion is still, well, a 4yo's perception of proportion.

Finished another dishcloth last night. Nope, brain, dishcloth and camera are not in the same place - yet.