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Monday, February 11, 2008

I think my camera is dead *sigh*

It is freaking out as I turn it on. Maybe, just maybe it's the batteries. I hope it is not dead. My tax refund is slated for beaucoup gobs of other things..... like yarn.

I finished a pair of socks using Knit Picks Essential Peacock Multi. I used a K3P2 rib and heel flap and all that stuff.

I thought the socks looked big, but they are comfortable. The cotton/elastic blend socks I made are a little small. So i guess I have to figure out what my ideal fit is.

I again cast on 20 more than the pattern asked for and decreased 2 sts every 5 rows until I got to the pattern's required number of sts.

I took a stab at the heel turn on my own and it turned out wonky. Too many sts on one end. I didn't want it frog the second one, so I know it's wonky and will strive to not point it out. "Hey! I made these socks, but the heel is wonky." Nope, not gonna so it.

At Wed night's knitting circle (welcome to Debbie, our newest member), I asked Knitting Kathy what the deal was. She explained the general idea of knitting/purling over a number of sts and when you turn your work, you want to go that number back but need to include the sts on the end in your count. She even drew me a picture I'll glue in my sock book to help me pull my head out when I brain-cramp.

Now I have to choose which pattern and which yarn to use next. *sigh* decisions, decisions.

I made 15 rows' progress on Katybug's prayer shawl. The kids were around for part of it and then my husband brought up the sore subject of baseball, so there may be a couple of rows I'll need to re-charge before I am done.

It looks like this'll be a 3 skein project. It'll be long, it's already wide. I am hesitant to add fringe to it. The Lion Brand Homespun doesn't hold up well with a cut end.

Next time I do a prayer shawl, I'll use a KK long loom. Maybe it'll go faster. Or maybe I'll have better focus.

Then there's the mittens. No real progress on that.

And the felted bowls are coming along. I knit one using the One Skein pattern, That went well, until I realized I don't have two #11 circs. Thanks to Knitting Kathy who suggested I use a 10 and an 11. It's all going to be felted anyway.

Then I switched to the red KK, using a slightly modified drawstring cast-on. It knitted up well. So I took it to the blue and then the yellow KKs.

The project from the Blue has a cool broad color spiral. The one from the yellow also has a spiral going, but it is much thinner as the yarn is covering a significantly larger area.

When I have enough laundry that'll hold up to a hot wash (hm, maybe it *is* time to do the towels), I'll felt them all.

I would like to get a pic of them though.



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