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Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Yarn and a new Camera

Whoo-hoo! My Valentine's Day present from Himself was delivered today! KnitPicks yarn and a tape measure. Here's a list of what I got.

Daffodil Wool of the Andes
Pumpkin Wool of the Andes
Firecracker Heather WotA
Meteor Twist Essential
Russet Essential Tweed
Clematis Heather Palette
Red Palette
Verdant Heather Palette
Spring Tape Measure
Shoreline Twist Essential
Purple Palette

Yes, mostly sock yarn. But some for a Jayne Cobb Hat. Yeah!

I've started the cable sock again. Much better when the cables go the way they are supposed to. The next pair will be a four-st garter rib. I'll even try two socks on 2 circs. ooooOOOOoooo, AHHHHHhhhhh.

OH! The camera. Yes, Himself spent a chunk of the tax refund on a new digital camera. The battery needed charging. I'll see waht pics I can snap and post this weekend.


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