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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just when I was about to be too fed up.

I just posted an old entry that I had posted to LJ because BS wouldn't post it. So today I am *this* close to letting this blog go when it works.


So we'll keep trying.

My external hard drive is upstairs. Heaven forbid I should buck up and go get it to upload some knitting pics.

Let's see, what are we working on....

A poncho for Sparky. Long blue KK loom, stockinette stitch. Red Heart Royal blue, bright red, sun yellow and ever green. Very bright and Sparky-ish. Working on the last color.

I made my first pair of slippers on needles. I have been unsatisfied wiht the KK slippers. Way too big. So Knitting Kathy taught me to make socks. These were out of a varigated wool ease. They are still too big, but look cooler since they are a needle sock pattern.

I am also needle-ing a sweater for the Girl using the Orphans for Orphans Sweater pattern from Knitting for Peace. Front and back panels, then picking up side stitches, adding a neck edge, picking up other side stitches. Knit for a bit for teh shoulder, then start decreases for sleeve, knit a bit more for wrist, then a non-rolling edge.

I learned the Kitchener stitch for the side seam. When I got it rght, it looks awesome. Where I didn't get it right, ACK! KK keeps saying, "At least it's under the arm." Yeah, but the Girl will never be able to raise that arm.

I started picking up stitches on the second side and started a new row when I couldn't make it work right. So I frogged it and will try again later.

I found a snowflake pattern on the Berroco site. Cast one 158 sts, then work cables and twists, YOs and 2togs for 28 rows. I have tried twice to get it started but wind up frogging it on the first row. Another "no-children/movie/distraction" pattern.

I have my new #2 circs for socks. I already have 6 skeins of burgundy alpaca, 6 skeins of (dollar store) Moda Dea crayon striping and 3 balls of elasticized cotton for a total of about 7 pairs of socks. So what do I do? I cruise Knitpicks!

We travel for Christmas this year. Since Himself had a flight all to himself last month, I told him that I get a flight without having to parent. Meaning I'd love to have 8 solid hours to knit. Our seats are all together though.

We'll just have to see....

Well, there's another pattern in K4P for a messenger bag that calls for a feltable yarn. All that cotton won't do......

Then there is all that cotton. I've been knocking out some diagonal increase/decrease dishcloths. Those I *can* do with kids/movies/distracions.

Still working on my soap bag design for Blue Sun Soaps.

Addendum: I'll try to add a sock monkey pic.


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