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Monday, December 11, 2006

Knit Kitty and glasses case

I feel so accomplished these days.

The knit kitty is a triple strand thing. THe yarn was sooooo thin. Two strands of a lavendar cum magenta chenille and a multi color blend with a white cotton mesh around it. It's very soft but the mesh-covered yarn liked to get in the way of my needle as I was sewing the pieces together.

Of course, my DD LOVED it! I think she loves anything she receives. Which can be nice.

Next time, I'll not stuff the tail so much. There's a couple of gaps waiting for inquisitive fingers to make bigger. Definitely use different yarn.

Overall I love the pattern and the alternate animals other loomers have made. I am sure my 6yo would love a snake. With the looms I have, it would be pretty big!

Next on the agenda is newly added. My DH called this morning to ask for a matching scarf for his dad's dog sweater. I'll do that one as simply and speedily as possible.

I have marked my sock loom as the pattern recommends. So I am one step closer to starting my sock.

OK, I found my first LoomClass project. By the washer ?????

Anyway, this is the first project. It used the garter stitch and side seaming. Yeah, the ends are too tight as is the side seam, but the garter stitch rocks.

A note to readers: Yes, I point out what I do not like about my projects. Still being new to it, I want to note what I can do to improve the next one. And seeing as this serves as my notebook, this is where the notes go.

Please don't think I am always this poopy about my work. I am not. But this is a learning experience for me.

And as previously noted, the next project is a scarf for my FIL. No, it will not be simple and speedy. Go figure.

I decided to use Graciela's cable stitch method. It it looks good! (See, I told you I wasn't always poopy about my work....)


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