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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Merry Easter Bunny

Here is a sample of each of the yarns I used to make Brenda from GA's Easter eggs. It gave me the much needed opportunity to use up yarn that I am less than crazy about, yarn that I am crazy about but didn't have enough to make a huge project and yarn that I loved but didn't want to make yet another hat for the Girl.

No, I didn't make notes on the types of yarn. The upper left was a nice purple with sparklies that varied in width. The black with rainbow varigation was quite slippery. The hot pink was the same yarn I used for the baby bonnet. The headache green is Sugar 'n' Cream cotton. The lavender was a dollar store purchase that was reallllllly thin. The Rainbow above it was nice to work with. The center egg was my least favorite yarn but was easiest to work with.

I tried to make an egg using the bumpy yarn I used on the Girl's poncho. Frogged that one as the bumpy yarn was impossible to gather.

Once I realized I could make an egg in less than twenty minutes, I went on a loom knitting rampage and knocked out over 30 of them. Yes, 30 eggs.

The Girl took a basket full to the Library Thursday. We caught the last story of StoryTime. We gave eggs to our favorite children's librarians. Then the Girl passed eggs out to strangers. I finished another egg to show a mom how easy it was and the Girls passed that one out too! All told, there were 13 eggs handed out at the Library.

A side note: one mom muttered about how they don't celebrate Easter. Then she saw me and became all smiles. Well, I don't celebrate Easter either. But I missed Ostara. Graciousness still counts, though.

I still have to take pics to add to my cable knit shawl pattern. And I have a couple of ideas for what to do with I-cords. Stay tuned.


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