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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Winding up for the Sew-a-thon

I have almsot completed my pattern for the cable knit shawl. I need a final detail which is how many skiens this baby is gonna take.

I have two lengths of I-cord waiting to be transmorgrofied (it's my word, so I'll spell it as I please, I guess) into projects for Loom Class.

I am also working on clearing my sewing table so I can tackle some long-put-off projects. I went through my drawers of patterns and have a bag's worth of "I am never really going to make this" stuff. Some vintage, some dolls, some a couple of years old.
To give me that "oomph" I need, I made Kabloey's no-sew SeaHawks blanket. The fabric wasn't really on my table, but it was an easy enough project to do without having to unload the whole thing.
Now I'll work on mending and finishing up my shawl so I can let everyone know how much yarn they'll need.


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