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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pics and updated tally

As you can see, I was able to post several pics today. Yippeee! That leaves three capes from this initial cutting session to assemble. I think Kabloey has said he didn't want a cape since he got his cool traveling cloak for Halloween. The capes are so easy to put together, I'll assembly line the project and have an extra on hand for "just in case."

Where does that leave the sewing fiend total?Two broomsticks skirtsOne red and white Girl skirt
Two Girl dresses
Two red and white shirts
Two firelick shorts
Two firelick pants
One stripedy pants
One stripedy shorts
Two more Girl dresses
Two Halloween cloaks
One pink puppy costume (only counts as half since the pants and jacket were store bought)
Two button front shirts
One slip on shirt
Four pairs of African pants
One fire lick jacket (netting. So it's for display more than useful)

I think that's it.

I already have planned a collared and a "gambler" style vest for Himself, a pink penguin robe and a couple more dresses (like she needs them) for Girl, a tulle skirt and accessories for Bina.Once I finish the capes, I'll go through my fabric stash to sort and plan some more.

Now if I could just get as fired up about making applesauce.


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