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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Past projects - part 1

Started Loom Knitting before Xmas 2005. I blem my friend Amy for it. She had been loom knitting for months prior and I watched her, fascinated. So before I went on teh bi-annual trek to the Lone Star State, I picked up a set of Knifty Knitters on sale. Here is some of what I've been able to accomplish:
Cap and scarf from Gothic Lion Brand Homespun using a mock crochet stitch. I mad ethe scarf first intending it to be a hat in a scarf, but it wasn't wide enough to cover my big ol' haid. So I am happy with the resulting hugely long scarf that wraps several times around my neck. A lot like any Bob Cratchit you may see in any Scrooge movie. The hat is brimless. I strung a mess of purple paillettes on the yarn and placed them regularly throughout. It may be a wee but too long, but adds to the "flapper look."


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