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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Loom Class project #2

Offending verbal image alert! But I'll save it til the end.

A French Market Bag. Using 4-ply cotton yarn. Learned the exceptionally cool I-cord and simulated mesh stitch AND the most useful stretch across the loom flat bottom technique. I frogged (rip-it! rip-it!) this one once when I was using a single strand. I thought I had done something wrong because it was so long. So I restarted it with a double strand. Then I washed and dried it hoping it would shrink up. Turns out the pattern was long. Next time I do this pattern, I'll not knit so many rows.
Leave now if you are easily offended. I'll give you a minute to decide.

OK? Only stout-hearted folk left?

I don't know whether to name this one saggy boob or limp dick.


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