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Monday, February 12, 2007

Sparky's shawl and my sock

OK, so white wool for a 6yo is, well, ill-advised, stilly, stoopid? At least I was able to talk him down to a shawl intead of a poncho. The poncho would go outside and be a wreck. Or I would be a wreck if it went outside.

I finished the one panel and asked Sparky to let me measure it on him. Then, I started in on how if it was a shawl, I could finish it in five minutes and he could have it. (Am I evil to prey upon the 6yo's "immediate gratification" nerve?)

Anyway, I am happy with it. Paton's Merino wool in a garter stitch on the yellow KK. The only thing I would gritch about is the final cast off stitch is a little tight and makes one end crinkle. Oh, and the poorly concealed yarn add-ons. But those are things I notice. And another knitter. But you all are so forgiving. Right?

And now I WILL make myself some socks. It's an online pattern using an ankle to toe direction. Unlike Graciela's Toe-up socks. I was able to use Graciela's "move the dash to another peg" instructions to close up the holes in the heel of the sock. And I've already tried this one on. It *will* fit.

And you can see my yarn already tangled up at the top of the photo. *sigh*

What's next? The cable shawl pattern. I've written the pattern up, but want to make the shawl again so I can take pictures. I frogged the first one beucase I messed up adding yard and dropped way too many stitches to receover with my sanity intact.

Then I must sew. The 200 pounds of fabric waiting to be cut is hurting my eyes.


Blogger Kelley said...

That's a nice shawl! I just started looming, and I think I must try something like that. I love Patons merino too. It's one of my favorites.

8:18 PM  

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