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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Girl's Poncho

What a sassy looking girl.
Anyway, this is the Girl's poncho. Made with Paton's CiCi yarn. The color is called Carneval. It is definitely a novelty yarn. Every inch and a half or so,there's a tuftof fibers. It makes the garment soft, true, but IU had to pay attention while knitting to make sure the tuft placement was such that it didn't make for tight stitches.
Used the KK purple double rake, but as a single rake. Cast on all the pegs. I also used teh Moch Crochet Stitch. With this yar, the stitch doesn't show as well as a smoother yarn would.
I knitted it in two panels, sewing up the front and back part way.
I'll start Sparky's framed shawl using wool. That should knit up quickly. Then onto the cable knit shawl, so I'll have pictures to submit with the pattern.


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