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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shawl with semi-circular back

I finished Graciela's shawl with semi-circular back. I learned so much from this pattern. Not having much experience with the long loom I was eager to complete this project.
I used Paton Merino Wool in winter white. Almost 6 skeins. 2 strands as 1 and followed her directions.
It took me several days to complete the project. But I learned the lucet casy-on (that was my choice), short rows and to bind-off. Using the 2 as 1
wechinique gave me a heavier weight shawl that will keep me warm on these cool summer evenings here. I really like the ruffle effect on the back.
As pleased as I am with the shawl, I will be frogging it. I want the front bits to be a lot longer. I'll even use two colors when I re-do this. I hvae loads of the wool in blue - light and denim - so, I'll see what white and one of the blues looks like.
Thanks to Graciela for designing such great patterns.


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