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Friday, March 23, 2007

New socks, hat and old placemat issue

I finished my ginormous wool toe-up socks. I realized they could be a thneed that everyone wants 'cause everyone needs (Dr. Seuss).

I'll be felting them this weekend with special attention to the ankle and heel areas. With the extra stuffing, I hope to have enough room to fit my foot in without struggling with it.

I used Paton's Merino Wool in dark olive green. It took me about two and a half skeins. I changed the pattern in that I knitted 10 rows then 5 rib rows at the ankle, not the original 15 + 5. I started off with two skeins. I wasn't done with the second sock, so I called my Michael's (since I knew Joann's was out). I then found Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon Yarn on sale for $2/roll. Bought way too many of them.

Under my Toe Up pattern, I found "Lee's Lattice Hat" pattern. Simple enough. You ewrap and knit off 18 rows, fold over for brim. Then ewrap two pegs at a time, knit off. It made a small cap then what I normally make, but it cute and I used up the rest of teh third skein, AND I made it in about 2-1/2 hours.

I sure like immediate gratification knitting.
I frogged the placemat again. Two strands do make a difference. One side is still droopy, not as bad as when I was using one strand. I also did not cast on as tightly as I had before. And I continue to keep the ends slightly tighter than the middle.
We'll see what's what.


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