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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ribbon Bag

Here's my lovely ribbon bag. Thank you, Graciela, for this great class! And thank you LoomClass members who asked the questions I needed answers to. This baby loomed up quickly and easily.
I used Lion Brand Incredible. Rainbow, of course. I frogged it once because it wasn't stretching across the loom easily and my working yarn was in the wrong place. When I tried to unstretch it to add a row, I dropped a mess of stitches, so it was partly frogged anyway.
I think Graciela's model had two handles on it. I thought, for my purposes, it would make a better single strand draw bag. I am happy with how this project loomed up. And yes, the Girl has already got her eye on it.
I have started the honeycomb place mat. Right yarn, wrong colors (for me) and wrong loom. But since I am eager to learn how to use the double rake, I'm going along with what I have. It's loopy, to say the least. Using the Sugar and Cream on the KK blue long loom is making for an airy stitch, to say the least.
Joann's had S&C on sale. I got there the last day of the sale and yes, you snooze, you lose. I managed to find Hot Green and Hot Pink, which are not my first choice in colors, but since the other cotton yarn I have is varigated, I had to find something to help me see the contrast for what I am doing.
I may just keep on it until I get a Girl-style table runner. Then, she can us it for her tea parties.


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