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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Semi-cicular shawl and more

The Shawl is done - again! I frogged it the first time because it was too short for my tastes and I am over winter white. I used one strand of teh winter white with a denim blue and sky blue. So there are a few color changes there. For home use, I am very happy with its woolly warmth.

Thanks to Graciela Worth for coming up with the pattern. Well worth the money.

Now I have an idea for a wavy shawl using her techinique.

(Geez, how many shawls does a body need? LOL)

Thanks to my LJ friend, WhiskeyJack, for forwarding the link to these lovely projects at,1,0,0.

I LOVE THEM! If I cared any more about my high school whose mascot was a viking, I'd be contacting my old school mates through (What is it with the product placement today?) and offer to make them for everyone.

As it is, I'll work on a pattern for these for the KK anyway. They are just too hooty not to explore. I know the wings on the girls' hat will be a challenge for me, but still, just too hooty for words!


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