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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lattice Bookmark

I finally have found a way to use the varigated yarn! *Huzzah! Throwing babies in the air!*
Many thanks to Stephanie McElheran for designing and sharing her pattern with LoomClass!
It took my a couple of times to get the YO, K2Tog thang. I thought it happened to two separate stitches, but NOOOOoooooo, it's all about one stitch. SO! Once I figured that out, it was very smooth sailing.

I like this stitch so much, I am making a wash cloth using the rest of this yarn and a FG 40 peg sock loom!

The only thing that gets me is my lack of finesse with the Cable Cast-on. I think the FG is too small for me to make that cast-on happen. I am sure someone of greater dexterity and experience has nailed it, but nope, not me.

But hey! I know a new stitch! I know a new stitch!


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