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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why I am not Knitting this Year

I have scored a shameful amount of fabric. Gleaning, freecycle and flat out buying more than I need. So I have been sewing. I went on a cutting jag for a few days. My family will get pants, shirts, Halloween costumes, and in the case of the Girl, lots of dresses and skirts. Here are pics of what I have finished in the past 10 days.

Who ever told the girl that the broken neck look is attractive must have a thriving photography business in a small town in Texas.

This fabric turned out to be too sheer for wearing by itself. Be glad I deleted the photos that proved it. I'll wear it when I MC with some cool pants underneath.
Barbershop pole skirt.
Kabloey has worn this short once. Sparky? We had to pry it off him. Go figure.
This navy blue shows up brighter in the pic. I'll not too crazy about it, but a comfortable skirt is always welcome. I'll probably wear it under aforementioned diaphanous skirt or bumming around the house.


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